Who we are and what we do is simple.

We are business owners and entrepreneurs that help other business owners and entrepreneurs. That's who we are and what we do.

Community Growth. Job Creation.

Our goal at Shop Atlanta Network is to feature, market, advertise and offer the best products and services from businesses, entrepreneurs, inventors, creators and celebrities. With this level of visibility and influence, we're able to create resources, opportunities, access and action to further community growth, generate job creation and help enhance the lives of all people. We believe in building together and we understand that when we join forces as the human race, we can accomplish anything we set out do.

Small Businesses. Investing In People & Ideas.

Here at Shop Atlanta Network we love Small Businesses and the business owners and entrepreneurs that run them. Our multimedia and multifaceted platform is designed to help small business grow and thrive, even through the toughest economic times. By partnering, we assist with marketing and advertising small businesses, connecting them with other businesses on our platform and providing continual resources for business advancement and wealth creation. We love great products, services and creating massive value, so when we come across something great, we also make funding and investment opportunities available to small business and entrepreneurs on our platform. 

Education. Innovation. Global Leadership.

We are dedicated to giving back by providing annual donations, scholarships and grants to further education in the amazing local communities and communities worldwide that support our company. By doing so we stand in the gap for those in need and help prepare future leaders that will bring forth new ideas, innovations, inventions, products and more that not only we benefit from but also the entire world.