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Membership is $99 a year. Membership launches July 2021.

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Receive your own business page on our website.
Provides massive visibility for customers to learn about your business and offerings.
Network, follow, collaborate, and do business with other business members.
Receive casting and audition notices to be a part of new network shows and big opportunties. 
Film your business owner introduction video.
Hit record on your mobile camera and tell the world about your business. We'll share your introduction video locally, regionally, nationally and worldwide in our ads and commercials.
Opportunity to be chosen for our Top Picks and Business Of The Month.
Be recognized for your business throughout our network and reach more customers.
Post in our Facebook shopping group & on our social media.
Sell your product and market your services in our Facebook shopping group and on all of our social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin). Join the Shop Atlanta Network Live group on Facebook for free by clicking here.
Film your own show to sell your products.
Film your own show to sell your products to be broadcasted across our network and social media. You keep all of the proceeds from your sales.
Appear on a show with our hosts to sell your products.
Join our hosts on our show to talk about and sell your products.
Receive invites to our events and red carpet galas.
Entrepreneurs & Investors Networking Party, Business Tradeshow & Vendor's Showcase, PreGrammy Party, Founder's Celebrity Charity Dinner